Arabica Lam Dong – a signature coffee product in Vietnam


Due to its exceptional flavor and washing procedure, Arabica Lam Dong is a well-known coffee line in Vietnam.

Arabica Lam Dong general information

Here are the origin and product details of Arabica Lam Dong.

Arabica Lam Dong origin

Our product is processed in Lam Dong, Vietnam, a natural hotspot due to its cold climate and high steep terrain. This is why Arabica Lam Dong coffee beans are prized for their superior quality, and why we chose Lam Dong as the source of our product – to give the best Arabica coffee beans to our customers.

Following that, we carefully choose only the highest-quality Arabica beans to transport to our factory in Hoa Phu industrial zone, Buon Ma Thuot district, Daklak, Vietnam, where they will continue their unique journey.


Product details

Product name Arabica Lam Dong
Place of origin Lam Dong – Viet Nam
Grade GA, S18
Elevation Mix altitude
Moisture 11.5% – 12.5%
Ripe Harvest 100%
Method Washed
Certificate Vietpresso 2019, ISO 9001:2015, HACP CODE:2003

Arabica Lam Dong characteristics and competitive advantages

Arabica Lam Dong special characteristics

Arabica Lam Dong is always of the highest quality due to our high demand. Because it is grown in one of Vietnam’s most productive places, our product has a distinct flavor that sets it apart from the competition. Furthermore, one of the reasons why our consumers adore our product is its unique chocolate-like aroma, which depicts the nature and surroundings of the Vietnamese highlands.

Competitive advantages

  • Trustworthiness

We are a family-run farm with more than 20 years of expertise. In addition, on behalf of the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, we are actively engaging with VIETRADE – Trade Promotion Department.

  • High capacity for manufacture

Due to its comparative advantages in the global coffee trade, Vietnam has joined Brazil and Columbia as one of the Big 3 in terms of coffee production and exports after just 15 years on the market, according to Torok, Aron, Jambor, Attila, and Mizik, Tamás (2017).

  • Reasonable cost

Our products’ prices will always be competitive in comparison to those of similar quality due to our chain of farms and factories.



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