Bel Air Central project: one of the best projects for real estate rendering.


Our client- a 30- year-old real estate company in the Philippines comes to us as they know us through the website. Their project is a 2000 square meter house subdivision which includes parks, commercial buildings, houses, roads,… etc. Let’s take a look at how k-render undertakes this task. 

The Scope of Work and References

For real estate rendering, K-render needs to soak up those information below:

  • 3D housing models in Sketchup format. In this file, there are six homes. For additional variety in real estate visualization, the client demands more 3D housing models. As a result, K-render adds 9 new 3D home models to their collection.
3D housing models in Sketchup format.
  • Google maps location for the surroundings and landscape, which is needed for creating plants and vegetation.
Google maps location
  • The camera angles are set up.  In this project, the client needs 4 views: one street view, two human’s eye views and one bird’s eye view. 

When soaking up those inputs, K-render found out that the clients do not have the CAD files of the K-render. To solve the problem quickly and follow the client’s timeline, we immediately asked for the masterplan picture in high resolution, which we can create the CAD file from. 

How K-render undertakes Bel Air Central project

For the Bel Air Central project, K-render offers 2 revision rounds. 

During this time, K-render also sends them some demo renders to make sure that our products are what the customers are looking for and that all the images are flawless. 

Dealing with 3D scene and texture

In this step, Sketchup files are used as a base by K-render CGI specialists for imitating the geometry of houses. Furthermore, Google maps are applied as a guide for local landscapes and plants. K-render also has to add a lot of 3D landscape and vegetation models.

K-render apply materials and textures to all of the 3d models.

Our landscape is often simple looking, plain and has various plants. 

We also set up the camera angles as the client’s requirement

We also set up the camera angles as the client’s requirement and send them for double-checking

The first review 

After 14 working days finishing the project, we sent our customers for the first revision:

  • Delete the black car which covers the house. 
  • Change the color of people’s clothes to dark colors. 
  • Change to the park’s landscape
Client’s revision
  • Remove some trees which cover the houses
  • Reduce the reflection
  • Delete some exercise equipment on the park

For their changes, we often encourage our clients to send us some references so we can visualize what the clients really want in this project. 

The second revision of the client

It often takes 2 to 4 days for us for corrections and edition, then deliver them an updated version in low resolution.

The second review

For this review, to make the process more fluent, the client sent us a file to update in our CRM system. 

Below are few things that the customers would like us to change:

  • Change the brand of the car. 
  • Changing some objects such as garden chairs and tables, bushes, opening some entrances and removing stepping stones.

The result of the Bel Air Central project.

After receiving the final visualization, the client is happy about our performance and they sent us an email, which really makes my day. 

What the client says about our project

We wish they always have big projects and we will be long-term partners.   

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