OM 5451 rice – one of the bestselling rice variety in the market


With export standard quality, OM 5451 rice is favored by foreign markets. Besides, OM 5451 rice is an optimal option for canteens serving a big number of staffs, industrial catering suppliers.

An overview of OM 5451 rice

OM 5451 rice is consumed by many Vietnamese households because when cooked, OM 5451 rice is easy to digest by everyone.

Definition of OM 5451 rice

OM 5451 rice is also known as Jasmine rice. OM 5451 rice was bred from 2 rice varieties Jasmine 85 and OM 2490 for high yield. This rice grain is grown popularly and widely in the Mekong Delta. In June 2011, OM5451 was recognized as a national rice variety of Vietnam by the Science and Technology Council of the Ministry of Agriculture. This rice variety gives high yield and good growth. Especially OM 5451 with the quality of rice meeting export standards, so this rice grain is always on the best-selling list in a number of countries such as the Philippines, East Timor, Africa, etc.

Main features of OM 5451 rice

OM 5451 has elongated grain, white slightly opaque milk color. The chalkiness during milling is relatively low. When cooked, the rice is medium and soft with a natural light aroma. If chewed carefully, you will feel the sweet and delicious taste that is unforgettable. The rice grains are spongy and very easy to cook.

The nutritional value of each rice grain of OM 5451 mainly contains substances such as: Glucose, Lipid, Protein, sugar, vitamin B1 and minerals. OM 5451 rice brings high nutritional value, helps provide and replenish energy quickly for the body.


Benefits of OM 5451 rice

With the above characteristics, OM 5451 is one of the most consumed and exported rice in Vietnam. This is considered a staple product at rice companies and agents. Aiming to provide companies with a large number of employees, schools or industrial meal suppliers as well as nutritional porridge production facilities, 5451 rice is consumed regularly. OM 5451 rice is always the first choice of donors, benefactors, activists who choose OM 5451 rice for charity.

The price fluctuation of OM 5451 rice

The price of OM 5451 rice has constantly risen since 5/2017, reaching at 11000 VND/kg. In terms of rice export, OM 5451 rice is quoted at 480-485 USD/MT, FOB. The sharp increase of OM 5451 rice’s price makes it difficult for businesses to deliver shipments and lose revenue.

The reasons for this growth in price of OM 5451 rice are:

  • OM 5451 rice is popular in the domestic and exporting market because it is suitable for consumer’s taste. In the exporting market, the Philippines and Chinese merchants are fond of this rice variety. OM 5451 rice production increased but the market ran out of this variety.
  • OM 5451 rice supply is small whereas OM 5451 rice’s productivity is somewhat low as well.
  • OM 5451 rice demand of Philippines merchants significantly rose because they were given importing quota and mainly imported OM 5451 rice.

Popular brands of OM 5451 rice

Here is the list of three OM 5451 brands in Vietnam for your reference.

Vua Gao OM 5451 rice

Vua Gao supplies pure agricultural OM 5451 rice with cheap price and quality. The source of braised OM 5451 is stable every day. Vua Gao supports fast delivery, right time. Production of broken rice is subject to customer requirements, does not mix chemical impregnating agents, bleaching agents. The rice factory follows a modern closed line, which is strictly inspected from planting to creating finished products.

Ngoc Mai OM 5451 rice

Ngoc Mai OM 5451 Rice specializes in the production and supply of quality standard rice, providing a source of pure and quality rice for charity, production, business and export units. With the quality of rice committed, Ngoc Mai is a reliable source of supply for domestic and foreign partners. Commitment not to mix rice, do not provide fake goods to customers.

K-Agriculture OM 5451 rice

With a 25-year history of delivering Vietnamese agricultural products to the world, K-Agriculture OM 5451 rice meets international standards such as VN-STAMEQ, USDA Organic, FDA, FFL, Organic, Global Gap. Choosing Vietnam as the place to buy the goods, the price is cheaper and the quality is also higher due to farmers’ experience and our modern method.

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