List of top 3 Rice companies in Vietnam


Rice market becomes competitive when more and more rice companies in Vietnam have been established to meet the customers’ needs. Rice companies in Vietnam ensure to supply the best products and services for consumers around the world.

An overview of rice companies in Vietnam

Rice companies in Vietnam make an effort to improve their products and services to reach different types of customers.

Definition of rice companies in Vietnam

Merchants established and registered for business in accordance with the law may conduct business in rice export when meeting the following conditions:

There is at least 01 specialized warehouse for storing paddy and rice in accordance with national standards and technical regulations on paddy and rice storage issued by a competent authority subject to the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations;
There must be at least 01 milling and rice processing facility in accordance with national technical regulations and standards on storage, and milling and processing facility approved by a competent authority issued in accordance with the Law on Standards and Technical Regulations.

Regulations on warehouses, milling facility, and rice processors hired for rice export business: Rented warehouses, milling facilities and processing establishments may be owned by traders or leased by traders from other organizations or individuals, with written lease contracts in accordance with law with a minimum lease term of 5 years.


Main locations of rice companies in Vietnam

Vietnam has two main rice production areas namely Mekong Delta and Red River Delta. Here are places rice companies in Vietnam are located.

The Mekong Delta has the rice-growing area at the top of the country, accounting for 52% of Vietnam’s rice cultivation area on average. The planted area in 2020 is 3,963.7 thousand hectares, accounting for 54.5%. Rice companies in Vietnam are located here to transport cargo conveniently and comfort rice production.


The Red River Delta has the highest level of intensive farming in the country and has applied many scientific achievements in selecting new varieties with high yield, good quality, using a lot of fertilizers, and combining the rich experience of the people. Therefore, this area has high productivity, rice companies in Vietnam are founded there for intensive production.


Leading products of rice companies in Vietnam

Some Vietnamese rice varieties are honoured in global rice contests and rice companies in Vietnam are trying to focus on producing these types of rice.

ST25 rice

ST25 rice, also known as Soc Trang fragrant rice, is the result of 20 years of research by engineer Ho Quang Cua. The ST25 variety is the latest generation of the famous fragrant rice line with many qualities that are classified as “premium”. The quality of ST25 rice has been recognized internationally when it won the contest “World’s Best Rice 2019” and won second prize at the “World’s Best Rice 2020” contest held in the US, this confirmed the superior quality of Vietnamese rice grains that rice companies in Vietnam supply.

Jasmine rice

Jasmine fragrant rice is supplied by many rice companies in Vietnam, rice is harvested from Jasmine fragrant rice, which is a short-term rice variety grown popularly in the fertile alluvial Mekong Delta. This is known as the main rice variety in the current aromatic rice lines. If you have ever tried blown rice from this high-class rice, you must have felt its delicious quality, especially the fragrant aroma that always makes you remember forever. The standard Jasmine fragrant rice must be long, clear, not discolored and the surface of the rice looks quite nice.

Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice is a type of rice, which is cultivated largely by rice companies in Vietnam. It is being exported around the world and made available in stores worldwide. Glutinous rice is also known as “sticky rice” because of its consistency when cooked. It is a satisfying dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

Outstanding factors leading to development of rice companies in Vietnam

Rice companies in Vietnam are developing well thanks to big demand and support from the government.

Rice demand

The Covid-19 pandemic is complicated, causing the demand for food to increase. Vietnamese rice has many advantages thanks to meeting the tastes of many consumers around the world. The sowing area for this year’s winter-spring crop, according to the Department of Crop Production, is approximately 2.99 million hectares with an average yield of about 7 tons/ha. Rice companies in Vietnam are supplementing the supply of rice for export.

Rice production

The increasing volume of rice production is proved by figures in 2020. In terms of southern areas’ productivity, the winter-spring crop rose by 0,16 tons/ha compared to last year’s volume. The summer crop decreased slightly, 96,8% of the same crop in 2019. Rice companies in Vietnam apply many modern technologies to get a high productivity.

Governmental policies

Government policies constantly support rice companies in Vietnam. Markets reaching the agreements with Vietnam like England, EU or recently signed FTAs like CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP are helping make Vietnam’s rice well-known.

Top 3 Rice companies in Vietnam

Sunrise Foodstuff.,JSC

Sunrise Foodstuff.,JSC is one of the leading rice companies in Vietnam with more than 10 years of experience having a trade network covering different regions around the world such as: Africa, EU, USA, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Pacific Islands. Sunrise Foodstuff.,JSC own 2 milling plants that are always operating with high capacity that can produce a wide variety of rice products and facilities with can meet the needs of partners and customers in both quality and quantity.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is regarded as one of the best rice companies in Vietnam. With the modern factory, milling capacity: 2500 MT/day and storage capacity: 400000 MT, K-Agriculture Factory exported rice to over 80 countries and received good feedback from global customers.


Viet Hung Limited company

Viet Hung – one of the leading rice companies in Vietnam, operates in the field of rice milling, processing, domestic food business and export. Currently the company specializes in trading all kinds of specialty rice that meet export standards. Viet Hung Co., Ltd. currently has 3 finished rice processing factories, 1 20,000 tons rice mill and 5 specialized barges (with a total tonnage of 4,000 tons).