Starlake – contemporary design style you should try


In the following article, we will introduce you to the basic information of the interior Starlake project.

Input information and scope of the project

We received an invitation to cooperate for 3D interior rendering services with a partner company. After working and conducting data collection procedures, we were able to understand our customers well.

Our customers are extremely professional and clear working partners. This has made our working process so much easier.

Input information and scope of the project

After agreeing on the documents and determining the scope of the project, we proceeded to make the contract and pay the deposit before embarking on this project.

How K-Render did the Starlake project

In this section, we will introduce information about the Starlake project‘s implementation process.

Applying the necessary materials of the project

The first step, we will analyze and select the right lighting and materials for each room of the project. We have chosen basic materials but still give the house its own character and outstanding look that no other project in 3D rendering company has.

The materials that we use are all furniture of excellent quality and have the same color tone.

Choosing the shooting angle of the Starlake project

The shooting angle is also an extremely important factor for the rendering process of the Starlake project.

Examples of Starlake apartment

We have agreed with the customer to use the basic in interior rendering samples shooting angle. Those are the basic angles such as the right angle, the left angle, the right angle and from top to bottom.

These shooting angles will help the viewer to feel the entire space of the house.

The revision of the project

The revision round 1 of the Starlake Project: We have sent this to a client and need a little tweaking of the bedroom details.

The revision round 1 of the Starlake Project: Second time re-submitted, customers fully agree with the product.

Starlake project results and customer feedback

Below, we will introduce you to the final products of the Starlake project.