Striking things about K-Agriculture Factory


K-Agriculture Factory is a famous agricultural supplier. This company has exported its products to over 80 countries that meet the needs of a big number of customers. To work with them well, customers should know important things about K-Agriculture Factory.

Basic information about K-Agriculture Factory

Experiencing many years of founding and developing, K-Agriculture Factory is affirming their position in the market.

Development history

K-Agriculture was founded in 1996 as a small merchant to export rice, corn and nuts to the only China market.

In 2002, K-Agriculture added more Vietnamese specialties in their product lists like coffee and cashew nuts. Moreover, the company built a factory of rice and a factory of spices serving for exports.

In 2010, K-Agriculture extended their markets to the USA and Africa that gave them a lucrative business. 

A decade later, K-Agriculture successfully exported their products to over 100 nations.

With constant efforts, K-Agriculture is recognized by several Vietnamese Department and global customers.

Basic information about K-Agriculture Factory

Vision and Mission

Knowing about K-Agriculture Factory’s vision and mission raises the trust of customers.

  • To reach wonderful turning points, K-Agriculture’s vision in the upcoming decade is to be the Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agriculture Expert in the world, especially for RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES from Vietnam.
  • K-Agriculture Factory’s biggest mission is to bring the best value of Vietnamese agricultural products to the world. K-Agriculture Factory hopes to bring a better life for Vietnamese farmers.


K-Agriculture Factory is divided into 6 distinct departments that are led by CEO Mr. Daniel, who is in charge of the development and execution of long-term strategies of the company. K-Agriculture Factory’s departments consist of R&D, Quality Assurance, Sales & Marketing, Admin/HR, Accounting and Legal department.

Leading products that people know about K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory specializes in Vietnamese specialties such as rice, coffee, cashew nuts, cinnamon, pepper and star anise.

  • Rice

Main rice products of K-Agriculture are IR 504, OM 5451, ST24 5% broken, ST25 5% broken, Japonica 5% broken, long-grain rice, ST rice, Jasmine rice and Japonica rice. K-Agriculture Factory has a rice factory system with a big capacity. Driving capacity is 30MT/hour, Milling capacity is 2500MT/day, Storage capacity is 400000+MT.

Leading products that people know about K-Agriculture Factory
  • Coffee

Main coffee products of K-Agriculture are Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat, Arabica Lac Duong, Arabica Lam Dong Honey, Robusta Lam Dong Honey. K-Agriculture has the fifth largest farm-to-cup coffee factory in the North of Vietnam and production scale is high with 5000 tons of Arabica coffee/year.

  • Spices

K-Agriculture exports several types of spices like cinnamon oil, cigarette cinnamon, cinnamon powder, tube cinnamon, pepper, and broken Star anise. K-Agriculture controls the raw input from seeding in the farm to packing.

Must-know things about about K-Agriculture Factory working process

To work effectively with K-Agriculture, customers should know the order process, payment methods, and private policy about K-Agriculture Factory.

Order process of  K-Agriculture Factory

Orders that K-Agriculture Factory accepts are:

  • Regarding raw products, K-Agriculture Factory will supply products subject to importers’ requirements that must be ordered at least 1 ton.
  • K-Agriculture Factory’s raw products ensure Vietnamese and international standards. When customers order, K-Agriculture Factory will provide the origin, production unit, and technical parameters.
  • After confirming the final order and making payment, customers wait K-Agriculture Factory for preparing documents, checking and packaging.
  • K – Agriculture will update the order status every day for customers to track.

Payment methods

If customers order a deal at under 20000 USD with contract, K-Agriculture Factory has the following methods:

  • Wire transfer form
  • Money transfer via Western Union and Moneygram
  • Paypal
  • Money transfer through third party

If customers order a contract over 20000 USD, customers could apply the following methods:

  • Commercial representative
  • Letter of credit ( L/C )

Channels to know about K-Agriculture Factory

Here are some ways that everyone could contact and order products from K-Agriculture Factory.

  • Through the website

Website of K-Agriculture Factory is well-designed and introduces many aspects of this company. Customers could browse through our website to know about  K-Agriculture Factory’s products, history or working process.

  • Through e-commerce platforms

K-Agriculture Factory is currently available on many e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon or Go4World. Therefore, customers could order products through these channels.  K-Agriculture Factory guarantees quality as the same products that you buy directly.

  • Participating in trade fairs 

Trade fairs gather many potential suppliers that K-Agriculture Factory always wants to join to promote our products. Importers could visit and discuss with K-Agriculture Factory to have details about products.

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