Tape in hair extension everything you must know


If you want to purchase tape in hair extensions but don’t know much about this kind of hair weave, this is the article for you. In this essay, we will go over everything you need to know about tape in hair extension. 

Overview of tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extensions are ideal for persons with thin, fine hair since the hair does not connect with lace-weft, but with little tapes that are around 4cm wide.

Overview of tape in hair extension
  • A tape in hair extension package contains around 20 tiny pieces of hair extension. Each hair extension includes a piece of single or double-sided tape at the base.
  • Two pre-taped extensions are placed between a section of your natural hair. One of the nicest things about tape in hair extensions is that they are absolutely undetectable and blend in with your natural hair since they rest perfectly flat on your head.
  • Another advantage of tape in hair extensions is its simplicity of maintenance. Even with the extensions in place, you may wash, condition, and style your hair normally. However, avoid using alcohol-infused hair care products since they might break down the adhesive and cause the extension to fall out.

In general, tape in hair extensions will help to achieve a long, full, thick hair look in a fast way. Tape in hair extension is a convenient method to have that voluminous hair without damaging your actual hair since this method does not need any heat.

How to put on tape in hair extensions 

If you are trying to put on tape in hair extensions by yourself and having trouble applying tape in hair extensions, this is the tape in hair extension tutorial you need. We’ve outlined four steps to help you in the process of tape in hair extensions installation.

How to put on tape in hair extensions
  • Step 1: Attach your hair extension to the center of the head.
  • Step 2: Adjust the transparent wire to keep the extensions in place on your head.
  • Step 3: Using a tail comb, pull your natural hair through the wire to conceal the extension section behind your natural hair.
  • Step 4: Blend your hair with your own.

The installation procedure would take around one to two hours and is not very time-intensive. This is not a time-consuming task, depending on your stylist, an application takes around an hour. For a newbie, the installation method may be a bit more difficult; we suggest leaving it to a professional stylist.

Tips to remove tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions may last 6 to 8 weeks if properly cared for. The tape grows away from the base of your natural hair every six to eight weeks as your hair grows out.

Tips to remove tape in hair extensions
  • Using an alcohol-based solution or a slick oil to remove your tape-ins is an excellent technique to guarantee a flawless removal without tearing your hair out.
  • The alcohol may dissolve the adhesive, allowing extensions to glide straight off your hair with minimal trace.
  • Because removal liquid solutions are very combustible, you must exercise caution while using them.

Queen Hair Factory The leading supplier of tape in hair extension

Queen Hair is a big producer that has been providing tape in hair extensions for a long time. Queen hair is located in Vietnam’s raw material industry and has a strong political foundation. Because Vietnam has several rules that encourage foreign trade, the delivery procedure is typically quick and easy.

Queen Hair Factory The leading supplier of tape in hair extension

Queen Hair owns and operates its own facility in Vietnam, assuring that its tape in hair extensions are always of the highest quality.

  • Queen Hair’s tape in hair extensions are reasonably priced. Queen Hair’s production expenses are kept low since it is situated near raw materials and utilizes low-wage workers.
  • Queen Hair tape in hair extensions are of high quality and may last up to five years if properly cared for. Queen Hair obtains the hair from reputable sources with healthy donors and can always guarantee the quality due to Queen Hair’s extensive expertise in this business.
  • Queen Hair offers a diverse selection of goods. Queen Hair products may be bleached, permed, and tinted to provide a variety of looks.
Queen Hair Factory The top supplier of tape in hair extension


In general, all Queen Hair products are assured to be of the best quality and to be accompanied by the most attentive customer service imaginable. Queen Hair has always maintained that its present position and accomplishments are entirely due to the clientele who have placed their faith in the company. Queen Hair Company takes every effort to ensure that all of its products exceed the highest quality requirements.

If you want to know what the factory pricing of tape in hair extensions, please call Queen Hair at:

 Tape in hair extension everything you must know
Tape in hair extension everything you must know

Ms. Ellie, Sales Manager of Queen Hair Factory, may be contacted at (+84)844444835. (Whatsapp).

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