The latest exterior rendering project – Orion


In the following article, we will introduce you to Orion house in detail. Besides, you can have a better view of our 3D rendering service.

About the project and scope of Orion house

Orion house is a commercial house. Our client wants to get a virtual reality image of the house to show his clients and wants to have that house.

Currently, after looking for many reputable and qualified renderers, customers have come to us and have the interest to cooperate with K-Render. They also researched our profile and pricing in advance.

Next, after 2 weeks of negotiation and discussion with the customer, we also came up with a suitable price for both parties and proceeded to contract and payment procedures.

How K-Render completed the project

In this section, we will introduce the rendering process of the Orion house exterior project.

Using materials for the Orion project

We used light materials and tones for this project. Since the client’s request was
the best real estate rendering services of exterior with lighting, we used the most professional 3D rendering software.

Choosing the right camera angle

The camera angle in the rendering is also a very important factor. If you can see past projects by K-Render studio, you will also be able to see that we always use different angles.

In this project, we always give customers different angles of the project.

Here are a few of our projects that use special angles and refer to 3d rendering prices of K-Render Studio.

How K-Render completed the project

Turnaround time

Regarding the editing and commenting part, we tried to complete it for the customer with only 2 free edits and examples about real estate renderings. They completely agree and are satisfied with the tones and lighting in the final image.

Besides those factors, they also have a small suggestion about the material.. We took 1 day to fix the customer as soon as possible.

The result of the project

After completing the procedures and paying for the final stages, we would like to see the only product of the Orion house project.